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  2. Supplier, Customer and Design Team Collaboration

Supplier, Customer and Design Team Collaboration

Collaborate and communicate product design information and intent with clarity and precision. Reduce errors and miscommunication with eDrawings.

eDrawings Viewer

Open lightweight files with all the 3D data you need.

eDrawings Professional

Accelerate the design to manufacturing process and experience 3D designs in virtual reality.

Supply chain

eDrawings enables companies to share product information with suppliers and external contractors while protecting your IP. Providing unambiguous information ensures that suppliers can give the best quote without the need for changes later in the process, which results in additional costs and possible delays in manufacturing.

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Stakeholder approval

The rapid pace of product development means that companies can no longer afford to wait until all project stakeholders are in one location to gain project approval. eDrawings enables teams to share, collaborate and mark up designs where ever they are.

Company-wide collaboration

Accelerate your design to manufacturing process with 3D product information powered by eDrawings. Communicating in 3D ensures that no assumptions are made, so your manufacturing teams can develop robust production plans early and give feedback to design changes to minimize production costs.

Share 3D Designs Directly from SOLIDWORKS

Getting real-time feedback on your designs is now as easy as sharing a secure link from SOLIDWORKS. With Cloud Services, you can invite trusted collaborators to view and markup 3D designs on the cloud with no installation necessary, no need to send a physical file, and it all works from any browser.

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